Native-II Vault Folders

For server configurations, the repository path is also the initial home of several folders used by the Native-II Vault to store archive files and information about them:

Default Hive

If you accepted all the defaults when you created the server configuration or if you started an upgraded server configuration without first creating a hive, Atlas Hub automatically creates the folder DefaultHive. It is a subfolder of the repository path and is created when you start the server configuration for the first time.

Whether the initial hive is called DefaultHive or not, you will have at least one hive for each server configuration. You may have several hives. Each hive has an archive and cache path. An easy, but not mandatory, naming convention is the one illustrated in the above figure. The name of the hive becomes the name of a folder with two subfolders: Archives and Cache. However, you can place these paths anywhere. They do not need to be on the same drive or volume.

The DefaultHive subfolders have the following purposes:

This folder stores file revisions in archive files, which may be compressed.
This folder stores uncompressed versions of archive files. It has two subfolders Temp and Deltas. Temp is used for files that are being added to Atlas Hub and for new file revisions that are being checked in. Deltas stores the differences between working files and tip revisions when a user asks that transmissions over slow connections be optimized.

You can use the Hive Manager to change an individual hive’s archive path or cache path. Such changes should be done only when that hive must be moved. For example, you might move a hive as a result of a drive failure. You would also need to copy the contents of the hive’s archive path to the new location.

The archive path for any hive must be included in a backup. A hive’s cache path does not need to be included.

If you started an Atlas Hub configuration, it has at least one hive. The HiveIndex folder stores the hive-index.xml file, which contains the properties for each hive used by the server configuration.

You can change the path to the HiveIndex folder by changing the repository path in the starteam-server-configs.xml file. You would make this change only when necessary, for example, because of a drive failure.

The HiveIndex folder must be included in a backup.