Creating Concepts

Follow the steps below to create a Concept.

Watch how to do it: Creating a Concept.

  1. Click Gather.
  2. Choose a Whiteboard from the Whiteboard list.
  3. Click (Add Concept) at the bottom of the screen. The Create Concept dialog box appears.
  4. Select one of the tabs to add that type of Concept:
    Allows you to type any text you want and include a rich description (including text, links, and images) for it.
    Allows you to create a diagram or mockup using all of the built-in shapes arranged by categories such as General, Misc, Advanced, UML, Entity Relation, Basic, Flowchart, Network, Azure, BPMN, AWS, Lean Mapping, iOS, Android, and more.
    Allows you to attach a file as a Concept. File types can include videos, documents, presentations, PDFs, and more.
    Enter the File Name, Title and Description.
    Allows you to add a URL. Enter the URL address, a Title and Description.
  5. Click Add. The Concept is added to your Whiteboard.