Pushing Stories to Multiple Projects

In order to push a story to multiple project backlogs, create the Delivery Projects user defined attribute:
  1. Log in with Server Administrator credentials.
  2. Click Home.
  3. Choose a Project from the Available Projects list.
  4. Click Admin Tools.
  5. Click the Define UDAs tab.
  6. Click New User Defined Attribute.
  7. Create an user defined attribute named exactly Usr_DeliveryProjects.
  8. Type Delivery Projects in the Display Name field.
  9. Select List-Multi Select from the Type drop-down.
  10. Add the projects where you want stories added to their backlog.
  11. Click Define Req Types tab.
  12. Select a Requirement Type or create a Requirement Type in which to associate the Delivery Projects UDA.
  13. Choose Delivery Projects from the Available User Defined Attribute Groups list and add it to the Requirement Type.
  14. Close the Admin Tools.
When a user pushes to backlog, a story is added to the projects that were selected in the Delivery Projects UDA.