Using Atlas with Rhythm

Rhythm and Atlas are two of the main components of the Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite. You use Atlas to define, to capture, and to track the business needs of the organization as Requirements. You use Rhythm to plan, to status, and to track the day-to-day Agile activities of the project team. Atlas pushes Requirements into Rhythm as Epics where the product team breaks them down into smaller consumable Stories. These Stories are then worked through the full Agile process. Daily status, state and all related tracking data is integrated back into Atlas for real-time portfolio visibility for all stakeholders.

The specific integration points are as follows:


You can create new projects in Rhythm, but Projects are common between Atlas and Rhythm so any Project created in one is available in the other.


Although Users are common between Atlas and Rhythm, the administrator needs to set project access rights for each user.

Starting and Logging In

You can open Rhythm from within Atlas, but there are other ways to start the application:
  • An administrator logged into the install machine can use the Start menu to launch Rhythm: Start > All Programs > Micro Focus > Atlas > Rhythm.
  • Other team members can navigate to: http://<hostname>/atlas/#perspective=agile to start Rhythm.


You Push Requirements from Atlas into Rhythm as Epics, using one of the following methods:

Individual Requirement
From the Actions menu of a Requirement, select Send to delivery Backlog.
Full Plans
In the Atlas Plan perspective, edit a plan and click Send to delivery Backlog.