Generating Requirements Reports

  1. Choose a Project from the Available Projects list.
  2. Click Report.
  3. Select Requirements.
  4. Optional: Select a quick Filter to include only items for a specific set.
  5. Check or un-check the information to include in the Report:
    Includes the User Defined Attributes for the Requirement.
    Includes a list of the items related to each Requirement.
    Includes the Tags associated with the Requirements.
    Includes the Discussion threads associated with each Requirement.
    Delivery Tracking
    Includes the tracking status.
    System Attributes
    Includes system attributes.
    Page Breaks
    Creates page breaks between Micro Focus Atlas artifacts, such as Requirements and Stories.
    Test Overview
    Includes a test results overview table if test integration is enabled by the system administrator or project administrator.
  6. Click Generate. The Report is generated as a DOCX file and your browser provides the option to open or save the file.

Example Requirements Report

The Requirements Report contains a cover page and a table of contents. The cover page contains the Project name, the type of Report, who generated the report, and the date the Report was generated.

The body of the Report appears as:

The example image is displayed as a two page spread to showcase all the selected options within the Report.