Enabling Requirement Date Planning

Atlas provides the ability to define due dates for the definition of requirements, and to measure progress against those defined dates. Requirement Date Planning enables users to plan their definition work to align with internal milestones, or agile delivery team cadence.

To enable Requirement Date Planning, the Project Administrator adds the pre-defined UDA group Requirement Date Planning to any Requirement type. After it is added, all Requirements of that type will participate in a special workflow to assist in tracking definition progress. For more information, see Enabling Requirement Date Planning.

By adding the Requirement Date Planning UDA group to a Requirement type, Requirements of that type list Due Date and Completed Date in their attributes.

The Requirement information pane will also display an indicator flag alerting the user to progress against the defined due date.

Requirements participating in this workflow will display progress against those dates in both the Definition Progress area of the home activity screen and the tracking Gantt.