Copying and Pasting Requirements across Projects

You may have requirements in one project that you'd like to reuse in another. However, you don't want to reuse all requirement so an import and export would require too much pruning work to be efficient. Atlas allows you to copy your selected requirements across projects with a simple copy and paste.

  1. Click Define.
  2. Choose a Requirement from the Requirements list.
  3. Click Copy or choose Copy from the Action menu. The Requirement(s) copied (including list of Requirement IDs and Project ID) are stored in the clipboard. The information remains in the clipboard until another copy is performed. You can change perspectives, perform other actions, etc. and still come back and paste Requirements.
  4. Click Home.
  5. Open the Project where you want to paste the Requirements.
  6. Click Define.
  7. Place your cursor where you'd like to paste the requirements within the tree.
  8. Click , or choose Paste > Paste as Child, Paste Above, or Paste Below from the Action menu. The basic copy of the requirements are placed into the tree, including any attached files. Relationships and child Requirements do not copy and paste with the selected Requirements.