Tracking Requirement Type Progress

Follow the steps below to track Requirement Type progress.

Watch how to do it: Track Requirement Info.

  1. Click Track.
  2. Double-click a Plan from the Plan list.
  3. On the Tracking dialog box, click +/- next to the Requirement Type to view the breakdown. Click (Info) next to the Filter to view the chart legend. The legend describes the icon status meaning. The Gantt chart displays the status as related to the delivery date. Click the Legend button to open or close the legend.

    You can use your Quick Filters to quickly find the requirement you would like to view. Click the Quick Filters list and select the filter.

  4. Click (Quick Look) to view individual Requirement details. The Requirement Details dialog box appears with tabs to view Discussions, Relationships, InfoVersions, and User Defined Attributes.