Defining User Defined Attributes

A User Defined Attribute allows you to create a custom field for your Requirement Type. Normally, an administrator creates and assigns User Defined Attributes while creating a Requirement Type or a Project.

Watch how to do it: Creating User Defined Attributes and Creating Attribute Groups.

  1. Log in with Server Administrator credentials.
  2. Click Home.
  3. Choose a Project from the Available Projects list.
  4. Click Admin Tools.
  5. Click the Define UDAs tab.
  6. Check Hide Disabled UDAs to reduce list size and make it easier to see if a UDA is already created.
  7. Click New User Defined Attribute.
  8. Enter a Name.
  9. Enter a Display Name.
  10. Select a Type: Text, Number, List, List - multi Select, or Date.
  11. To enforce users to enter a value, click Required in the Conditions group.
  12. Do one of the following:
    1. For the Text data type, enter a Max length value. Text attributes that are over 50 characters long will render as multi-line text. Whereas, those that are up to 50, will render as a single-line text.
    2. For the Number data type, if you want the values to roll up through the Requirement, select Rollup Values in the Conditions group.
    3. For the Number data type, enter a Default value.
    4. For the List data type, use the Values group to add values to the list. Enter a Default Value for each.
    5. For the List - Multi Select data type, use the Values group to add values to a selection list. Enter a Default Value.
  13. Click Save.