Discussions allow you to share ideas and have in-depth conversations using Topics. These Topics allow team members to provide feedback via Agree/Disagree icons as well as responding directly to the Topic via messages. When the all of the team's feedback is provided, the Topic can be Accepted or Rejected. Until then, it is in the Open state.

Note: The highlighted number next to the Discussion icon represents the number of Open Topics in the Discussion.
  • A Discussion can contain multiple Topics.
  • A Topic contains feedback in the form of:
    • Textual messages via Reply .
    • Agree/Disagree ( and ) click responses.
  • A Topic is in the Open state until you Close it via Accept or Reject. You could re-open it later.
  • When replying to a Topic, if you want to notify someone, use the @ symbol and select a user from the list provided. Note the following:
    • The @ symbol can be used multiple times to address a message to multiple users.
    • The @ symbol causes emails to be sent to all listed users (if email integration has been enabled in the Atlas Hub).
    • A reply will message the user that started the topic, all of the users that have posted a reply to the topic, and any users mentioned anywhere in the discussion thread.

Topic Life Cycle Diagram

Discussions are available in the following locations:

  • Home: Activity view.
  • Plan: open a Plan and click Open Review.
  • Discussions tab: for most other assets (Concept, Requirement, etc).

Watch how to: Start a Discussion.