Creating a Requirement Type Diagram

In order to create a Requirement type diagram, the Requirement Type Diagram must be in the Associated Requirement Types for your project. See the Project Req Types tab in the Administrator Tools.
The Diagram Requirement Type appears with next to the name in the Requirements Tree.
Tip: You can also create a diagram in a Concept. See Creating a Concept Type Diagram.
To create a Requirement type diagram:
  1. Click Define.
  2. Click (Create new Requirement). To create a child Requirement, select the Requirement in the list, and click Create new Requirement > Create Above... or Create new Requirement > Create Below.... The Create Requirement dialog box appears.
  3. Select Diagram from the Requirement Type list.
  4. Type a title for the Requirement in the Title field.
  5. Click Save and Close and then select the Requirement.
  6. Double click in the Description to begin editing.
  7. See Using Diagrams and Using the Diagram Editor for more information.