Importing a CSV File to Create a Requirement

If your file is a CSV document, you can import the file to create requirements.

Atlas reads a CSV file and creates requirement names from the file. The CSV has to be in the appropriate format for Atlas to parse the information correctly. The headers names must exactly match the Atlas Hub headings.

  1. Click Define.
  2. Click (Tools) and select Import. The Import Requirements dialog box appears.
  3. Click Select and navigate to the file to import.
  4. Click Import. The information from the file is converted into Requirements and listed in the Requirements Tree. A report appears if there are any import errors or if the import failed due to the errors.

The following image is an example of the proper CSV format.

Items with a ParentRequirementID are created as children of the items with the same ID. Using the example image, items with ParentRequirementID of 1, Add Vehicle Endorsement Types and Income protection Insurance, are created under Policy Management.