Setting Project Access Rights

Note: This procedure can only be performed by Project administrators.

Project administrators can add/remove users from Projects based on role. The following roles are available:

A Viewer can see the Project in the list of Projects, can add it as a favourite, and view all of its assets. Viewers can't edit or delete assets. Viewers can perform operations such as generating reports, but generally they can't change the data or the configuration of the Project.
A Contributor can do everything a Viewer can do plus they can edit the Project data. They cannot modify the configuration of the Project (no access to Admin Tools).
A project Administrator can do everything a Contributor can, plus they can modify Project configuration via the Admin Tools.
Note: A Project administrator is not the same thing as a Server administrator. In order to be a Server administrator, another Server administrator needs to apply Server Administrator permissions to that user in the Privileges group of the Users tab. See Managing Users.
  1. Log in with Project Administrator credentials.
  2. Click (Home).
  3. Choose a Project from the Available Projects list.
  4. Click Admin Tools.
  5. Click Project Access Rights.
  6. In the View pane, there are two sections: Atlas and Rhythm. Each has Viewers and Contributors buttons. Click one of the buttons. The list of users with that role in the Project is displayed.
  7. To add a user with that role, hover over a user in the Available Users list and then click +. The user is added to the Project in the role that you selected.
  8. Click Make Public to make the Project public. If you don't see that option, click and then select Make Public.
  9. Click Reset Permissions to remove all users from roles in the Project. If you don't see that option, click and then select Reset Permissions. Doing this will give each user access to the Project as a Contributor. However, only users with Server administrator credentials can manage the Project.