Defining Requirement Types

Atlas organizes requirements by type. A Requirement Type defines a logical grouping of requirements that will share common User Defined Attributes.

The key properties of a Requirement Type are:

  • A name (displayed in the Requirement tree).
  • A set of User Defined Attributes on the user interface.

Atlas makes it easy to reuse requirement types among Projects. Once created, a Requirement Type can be assigned to any Project, minimizing the time it takes to create Projects.

Server administrators can follow the steps below to create and modify Requirement Types.

After creating them, associate User Defined Attribute Groups with the Requirement Type.

Watch how to do it: Adding New Requirement Types and Associating Requirement Types with a Project.

  1. Log in with Server Administrator credentials.
  2. Click Home.
  3. Choose a Project from the Available Projects list.
  4. Click Admin Tools.
  5. Click the Define Req Types tab.
  6. If you want to create a new Requirement Type, click New Requirement Type and then add a name.
  7. Select a Requirement Type in the Define and Configure Requirement Types list. The Requirement Type is opened on the right in the Configure section.
  8. Add/remove User Defined Attribute groups using the Available User Defined Attribute Groups list.