Tips and Shortcuts

Copying Shapes
You can copy and paste shapes within the same canvas or into a canvas of another Requirement.
Use CTRL + Click (or the right mouse button) to pan the canvas.
Use CTRL or ALT + mouse-wheel scroll to zoom the canvas in/out.
Adding Shapes
Drag a shape from the Shapes panel and drop it onto the canvas.
Adding Images
Drag the image from Windows Explorer and drop it onto the canvas.
Note: You cannot copy an image and paste it onto the canvas.
Cloning Shapes
Hover over a shape until you see blue arrows appear in each direction. Click the arrow to create a connected, cloned shape.
To clone without a connector, Click+drag the shape or click CTRL+D. This allows you to control the connector's length when you add it.
Connecting Shapes
Hover over a shape, then hover over the anchor point (x) on the edge, click and drag it to the destination.
Replacing Shapes
Drag the new shape onto the old, wait for the replace icon, and then drop the new shape.
Nudging Shapes
Select a shape, and use the keyboard arrow keys. If you hold the Shift+Arrow keys, you can nudge by larger steps (10 pixels)
Resizing Shapes
Select a shape. Hold down Ctrl+Arrow (resizes by 1 pixel). Resize the shape in larger increments (10 pixels) by using Shift, i.e. Shift+Ctrl+Arrow.
Using Text
  • Shapes: Select a shape and just type.
  • White space: Double-click anywhere and type.
  • Connector: Select it and type.
Undoing an Action
Adding Image/Hyperlink
Click the + in the toolbar.
Hold the left mouse button down and then drag over the items you want to select. Release the button. You can also CTRL+Click on individual items.
More Options
Right click the canvas.