Creating Filters

Filters can be created and saved for reuse across a Project across all perspectives that would benefit from the capability.

To create a Filter:

  1. Click (Filter). The Filter dialog box appears.
  2. Click (New Filter). The editable filter field appears in the right panel.
  3. Type a name for the filter.
  4. Select Project if the filter is for the project only or select Shared if the filter is for all projects.
  5. In the initial Where clause group, select criteria from the Criteria list. The appropriate field for the specified criteria appears.
  6. Select an operator from the Conditions list (for example., begins with, >=, >, etc.).
  7. Select or type the criteria for the operator in the last field. This field changes based on the criteria selected from the Criteria list.
  8. Optional: Click Add Query Rule to add a new row to the current Where clause group.
  9. Optional: Click [Add Group] to add another level to the filter. And/Or options appear.

    You can add additional groups by repeating these steps.

  10. Optional: Click And to change it to Or.
  11. Click Save. The filter appears in the filter list.