Track Progress

After a Plan is set, the development team plans Sprints through their Backlog and builds and delivers your product in iterations. This approach allows the business stakeholder to review and refine your priorities as they progress.

The business stakeholder can review and refine Requirement priorities. Afterward, the agile team breaks down Requirement into multiple small sets of Stories. Priorities can be shuffled and re-shuffled within the Backlog and allocated and delivered within Sprints every 2 to 3 weeks.

Business stakeholders can track the delivery progress of their Requirements no matter how scattered and broken-down the Stories become.

The Track perspective in Atlas enables project stakeholders to quickly:
  • Understand the total payload of a Requirement based on the actual estimates from their Agile teams.
  • Check the delivery progress of a Requirement based on the progress of the Stories being delivered by Agile teams.
  • View the delivery progress of a Requirement across several Projects with the Projects column and view of associated stories in each project.
  • View the total Plan delivery status.

Watch the tour: Track Tour or Track Plan Details or Track Requirement Info.