Click (Search) to open the search page.

Select the button for the types that you want to search.

Select current project, all projects, or a specific project from the Only show results from list.

Type the string you want to search, and click Search.

Atlas does not search common words, such as "and", "if", "else", "then", etc. These common words are referred to as stop words because they are used so often that the search would return too many non-specific results. To view the full list of stop words or to add your company-specific stop words, open c:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Hub\Search\config\en_stopwords.txt.

Atlas gives priority to title, content, description, and snippets when matching the query to items it will display in results. All other field items are lower priority. The Item Type column displays the type of item that matched the search criteria.

To filter the search by specific assets, click a tab next to View.

To the right of each search result, there are icons to use:
Quick Look
Opens the item in an editor for you to review.
Go To
Jump to an item in your search results. If an item is in a different project, Atlas switches your context to the other project as long as you have permission to view it. When you go to a Story, Atlas opens a new window for the external URL for the tool that you use for Agile, such as Rhythm, Rally, Jira, etc.
Note: Go To is not available for some search results if Atlas has not been integrated with the tool.