Comparing Versions of a Story

The Compare feature allows you to select two assets of the same type and compare the changes in the fields between the two different versions.

To compare two versions of a Story:

  1. Click Define.
  2. Choose a Requirement from the Requirements list.
  3. Click the Relationships tab.
  4. Click the Story tab.
  5. Click (Quick Look) next to the Story.
  6. Click the Versions tab.
  7. Select a version.
  8. Ctrl+click another version.
    The Compare button is enabled.
  9. Click Compare. The Compare Versions dialog box opens with columns detailing each version of the asset. The fields that you can compare are grouped by various types (System, Description, UDAs, Extended Attributes, etc) and displayed in a tree list.
  10. Click Options > Only show differences to hide all items that haven't changed.
  11. Click Options > Extended Attributes to show various other fields that may have changed.