Plan Your Requirements

Business stakeholders capture and refine Requirements until they reach a point where they believe they have enough information to fulfill their product vision.

No matter how good the vision for a product is, business stakeholders have to clearly understand their delivery capacity so they can perform high level estimates and prioritize what is the minimal feature set that is required in order to get their product delivered within a given time frame

Currently, when it comes to software development, Agile is the approach of choice for development teams around the world. Agile is based on fairly simple planning concepts that allow development teams to:
  • Clearly understand the priority of features that are developed and delivered.
  • Keep a consistent way of estimating effort to get features delivered.
  • Easily understand how much the team is able to deliver (velocity) within a given time frame (iteration).
The Atlas Plan Perspective gives project stakeholders the ability to quickly:
  • Prioritize and estimate their Requirements.
  • Automatically gather Agile planning information (velocity and iteration duration).
  • Send Requirements as Stories into their Agile Teams Backlog regardless of the Agile tool they are using.

Use the following sections to learn more about Plans.

Watch the tour: Plan Tour.