Define and Scope Your Requirement

Requirements define how you want to change your application. They should be defined such that the people involved in planning, building, testing, delivering, maintaining, and using the application can clearly understand what needs to be done.

The Define perspective provides two ways to view Requirements:
Tip: In both views, click (refresh) to refresh the view with the latest updates.

Tree View

Contains the hierarchical tree view of your Requirements. You can select a Requirement in the tree and then select one of it's fields to edit them.
Tip: In the Requirement tree, click next to the Requirement for additional actions such as Breakdown, Send to Backlog, Delete, etc.
Tip: In the Requirement , click to show the Requirement ID in the Requirement tree.

Grid View

Use this view to display all Requirements in a list. To customize the columns that appear, right-click in the header row and select the column you want to appear in the grid.

Tip: Click Actions as you mouse over a Requirement and select Open to open the item in another window.

You can also select a Requirement and view its description in the lower pane of the Grid View.

Atlas retains your settings such as, adding columns, changing column sizes, and sorting order.

Use the following sections to learn about Requirements.

Watch a tour of the perspective: Define Tour.