Viewing Status and Details of Relationship Items

You can view the status or detail of an item with a Relationship. Atlas items display status of Requirements or Stories. Atlas Hub items display according to the defaults or, in the case of custom Atlas Hub items, according to what the administrator created. Atlas Hub items are displayed in the Other tab and are organized in folders and files in a file explorer format.

  1. Click the Relationship tab . The Relationship pane appears.
  2. Scroll through the Existing Relationships. Each Relationship shows the status or details.
    Note: Select the status from the Relationship Status list to filter the list based on status or select Project, Relationship Type, Artifact Type, or Direction from the Group By list to group relationships.
Table 1. Relationship Items
Icon Type Details
Requirement Status: {Status}
Whiteboard Concepts: {ConceptCount}
Story Status: {Status}
Change Request Status: {Status}
File File Size: {FileSize}
Plan Start Date: {StartDate} End Date: {EndDate}
Sprint Start Date: {StartDate} End Date: {EndDate}
Task Status: {Status}
User Defined Type Custom according to administrator setting in the Atlas Hub.