Viewing Test Results

When you synchronize Requirements or Stories between the Atlas Hub and a testing tool, Atlas can display the test results returned by your testing tool. In order to do this, your system administrator needs to use Micro Focus Connect to connect the two systems.

See Enabling Testing Tool Integration. After the systems are connected, you can use the following features to view test execution status:

Requirement Tracking Tab

In the Define perspective, open a Requirement and click the Tracking tab. You will see the Tests section.

There are two graphs:
Latest Test Results
This graph provides an aggregation of the statuses of all the Tests assigned to a Requirement (and its children, if any), as they appear the last time they were executed. N/A indicates Tests that are assigned but they have never been executed (for example, a brand new test).
Test Results Per Day
Contains the following:
  • The Duration on the X-axis of the graph correlates to the duration supplied in the Admin Tools. The number of tests in the Y-axis is that of the selected item, plus it's children.
  • Click the legend (Passed/Failed/Not Run) at the top of the graph to turn each one on/off.
  • The Goto button takes you to the equivalent artifact in the integrated test tool.
  • Hovering over an item gives you a tool tip with details.
Test Integration in Tracking Dialog (Gantt)
In the Tracking perspective, open a plan in the Gantt.
  • There is a Tests column on the grid. Hover over the bars to view the details.
  • In the Change Overview section when in Time Machine mode, there is a Tests Count section in the overview. This displays the test count change over time