Activity View

The activity view shows the latest changes since your last login for your Favorite Projects. At a glance, you can view changes to your items, track status on Requirements and Stories, and view warnings that highlight items that Atlas has identified may need action.

The activity view is divided into the following sections:
Includes a flat list of items that have been created and or updated in chronological order. The provided item information is not detailed nor in any context for the item and relationships.
Concepts & Ideas
Lists new and updated Whiteboards/Concepts, as well as any discussions around them, displayed in an hierarchy.
Authoring & Definition
Displays changes targeted to the traditional Requirements user. That is, Requirement changes or additions, and discussions that may have transpired around them.
Definition Progress
Displays progress of Requirements that are being defined and have been configured for date planning.
Delivery Progress
Displays progress in Requirements delivery, in other words, the Stories. The stories are rolled up to their corresponding Requirement, keeping progress organized and easy to follow. If there are stories that do not relate to a Requirement, they are shown as Warnings.
Planning & Feedback
Displays created and updated Plans and discussions around Plans.

If you would like to open an item in your activity view, click (Go to) as you mouse over an item and Atlas will take you there.