Managing Users

Note: This procedure can only be performed by Server administrators.

Watch how to do it: Creating Users and Adding Users to a Project.

  1. Log in with Server Administrator credentials.
  2. Click (Home).
  3. Choose a Project from the Available Projects list.
  4. Click Admin Tools.
  5. Click Users.
  6. Click New User to add a user or select a user from the Available Users list and click .
  7. Enter the user Details:
    1. Enter a Logon Name. This is the name the user will use to login to the application.
      Note: This value is also used in Discussions as @LogonName.
    2. If using Active Directory, enter the user's Distinguished Name.
    3. Enter the user's Password.
    4. Confirm the password.
    5. Enter a Name. This is used as the user's display name.
    6. Enter the user's Email Address.
      Important: In order to participate in Discussions, you must enter a valid email address. See Sharing Requirements and Collecting Feedback.
    7. Enter a Phone Number.
  8. Enter the user Privileges: Check the Server Administrator check box to make the user a Server Administrator.
  9. Enter the user Login Status: Check Suspended to lock the user out. If the Atlas Hub has Active Directory configured, you can use it by checking Active Directory.