Editing Multiple Requirements in the Requirements Grid

When there are multiple requirements needing the same edits, the Requirements Grid provides an easy way to select a group of requirements and make the change once.

When editing requirements, a lock is placed on the requirement(s), preventing other users from accessing them. Activate the Lock column if you would like to view the lock icon. Otherwise, the lock is not visible to you, but other users trying to access the Requirement will receive a message stating the Requirement is locked. Hover the mouse over the or (lock) to see the lock status. The Requirement(s) are unlocked when you save your changes.

  1. Click Define.
  2. Click the Grid View .
  3. Use the check box (or CTRL+Click) to select all the requirements to edit.
  4. Click the column in any of the selected requirements to activate editing.
  5. Make your change. All the selected requirements reflect the change.
  6. Click Save.