Understanding Management Servers

The management server provides support for the following features:

You can add more than one management server to your installation, creating a management server cluster, which provides replication and failover support. You can add a management server to an existing cluster during installation or, using the Administrative Console, add it at a later time. Data is automatically replicated between the management server peers in a cluster. Each management server is a member of only one cluster. See Configuring Management Servers for information on configuring failover.

Management servers also:

Management Server Explorer

The Management Server Explorer provides a tree view of the management servers that are currently connected. Each management server has an associated overview that contains system information, including a summary, memory information for the process, and operating system and JavaVM data.

When the management server is initially installed it uses a default user name and password. You can change this password in the Management Server Explorer view, right-click on the Management Server, and choose Change Admin Password.


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