Adding or Removing Directories

You can add an Active Directory or one that exposes generic LDAP. The procedure is the same. To work with Directories, from the main toolbar, expand the Management drop down list, and then select Directories to open the Directory Explorer.

To add a directory

The Add Directory wizard, consisting of three pages, walks you the steps necessary to connect successfully to a directory. After you complete the first page, Connection Configuration, you can skip the other pages if you do not need to modify the schema and domain configuration pages.

Connection Information

  1. In the Directory Explorer perspective toolbar, click . The Add Directory Wizard Connection Configuration Page displays.

  2. From the Directory Type drop down list, select which directory type you want to connect to.

  3. Provide the necessary information to connect to the directory:

  4. Select Secure Connection to connect to the directory service using SSL. If you are not using SSL, skip to step 5.

  5. Click Test Connection to verify the connection is successful. If, for some reason, the connection is not successful, it is easier to make the necessary changes before you click OK.
  6. Click Next to enter schema and domain information, or accept the default values on those panels and click Finish.

Schema Information

You need to supply the schema information that will be used to look up entries on the new directory. If you are using Active Directory, the default values are in place and most likely will not have to be modified. If you are connecting to a generic LDAP directory, you may need to edit the schema values.

NOTE: You can enter a list of values in both the User and Group Value properties fields. You must separate each value by a comma. Additionally, a value can be preceded by the ‘!’ character to indicate that the attribute cannot have this value. For example: if the value is "user,!computer" then the attribute must have the value user and cannot have the value computer.

Domain Information

You can optimize the directory performance by limiting the range of the search.

Removing a Directory

To remove a directory, select the directory from the Directory Explorer and click on the Directory Explorer toolbar.

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