Building Web Builder Projects

Host Integrator Web Builder automatically generates projects,including Web applications, .NET class libraries,and Java Beans.

To generate a project:

  1. In Web Builder, click Project > New (or click New) to open the New Project dialog box.

  2. Click the tab (Application, Object, or Legacy) corresponding to the type of project you want to generate.

  3. Select the Host Integrator model or session name you want to use to generate the project. Models or session names are available as options after you have deployed them in the Verastream Host Integrator Design Tool.

  4. A project name is automatically generated. You can change the name of the project.
    The name you enter here is used to generate folder and file names. Web Builder may alter this name to accommodate your operating system. For example, an underscore is used if spaces are not allowed, and numbers are appended to projects with the same name.

  5. Set properties and build the project:

As Web Builder generates the project, the Build Project window displays information about the success or failure of the project generation process.

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