Generating Web Builder Projects

Web Builder creates Web applications and objects (Java beans and a .NET class library) that provide Web and application developers programmatic access to host data and functionality. Programmers use these generated Web applications to test models of host applications, to prototype a Web application that accesses host data, and to generate sample code for incorporating host data into their Web or client/server applications.

Basic Steps to Build and Deploy a Verastream Web Builder Project

To create Web applications and component interfaces:

  1. Use the Host Integrator Design Tool to create a model.
  2. Deploy the model.
  3. Set the Web Builder and project properties you want to use to generate a project.
  4. Use Web Builder to generate a project from the model.
  5. Implement the project into a Web or client/server application.

Using the Host Integrator Model

Using Web Builder, you can work with models that are deployed on any Host Integrator server or domain that is accessible from the network, on a local Host Integrator server, or with an .xml model file that has been exported from the Design Tool.