HTML 5 Web Application Procedure and Model Features Properties

Use the options on this page to configure how you want the generated Web application to handle procedures defined in the model.

You can create a custom output format for procedures.

By default all procedures are included in the Web application. You can exclude all procedures from the Web application, by clearing the Procedures checkbox. Selecting a table automatically selects all the procedures associated with that table. However, you must select procedures individually if you want to change their "Display" settings.

Default procedure settings


Model features

These options are meant for testing purposes only and should not be enabled in production environments.

Execute SQL statement

Select this option to have the Web application provide a user option to perform a query by typing in an SQL statement. To use this feature, the procedure must be configured as available for SQL queries.

ProcessString event handler

Select this option to for users to provide a string for a Process String event handler within the Web application. This option requires that a ProcessString event handler is included in the model.


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