Hosting an HTML 5 Web Application on a Non-Windows Verastream Installation

Verastream Web applications are generated on Windows platforms, however you can copy and run them from any supported Verastream installation platform. Web Builder automatically deploys Web applications to your local Windows Host Integrator Web server, which makes it easy to test projects under development.

During deployment the Microsoft User Account Control (UAC) utility will prompt you to continue deployment using elevated privileges. Click Continue to dismiss the dialog box and continue deploying the Web application.

About the WAR file

The Web application , in the form of a WAR file, is copied into the Web server folder:
<VHI install folder>\servletengine\webapps

A Web archive (.war) file is a convenient way to deploy the generated Web application to any JSP 1.2 compliant servlet engine or application server. A .war file is generated for Web applications in the <Documents>\Micro Focus\Verastream\HostIntegrator\projects\<ProjectName>\webapp folder.

Moving the Verastream HTML 5 Web Application to Another Server

To move a Web application to either a Windows or non-Windows test or production environment:

  1. Confirm that the deployed application has access to the Host Integrator model:
  2. To deploy the Web application to the VHI Web Server on a different machine (either UNIX or Windows), manually copy the .WAR file to <VHI install folder>/servletengine/webapps. To deploy the Web application to the VHI Web Server on Windows platforms, manually copy the .WAR file to <VHI install folder>\servletengine\webapps.
If the web application has already been deployed, you can make these changes manually by editing the <VHI install folder>\servletengine\webapps\<ProjectName>\WEB-INF\classes\<ProjectName>\<ProjectName> file.


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