Web Builder Overview

Web Builder is a component of the Host Integrator Development Kit that enables you to generate and deploy web applications and component interfaces from a Host Integrator model. Web Builder uses the model to complete the encapsulation process that enables you to write new applications using legacy functionality.

Web Builder provides a variety of abstraction levels that enable you to deliver host functionality in the appropriate format for your business needs.

Accessing Web Builder

Web Builder is installed with the Verastream ® Host Integrator Development Kit.

To open Web Builder:

Web Builder Features

Building Web Builder projects-
Learn the difference between rejuvenation and integration projects, and see the list of projects you can build.

Configuring Web Builder and Project Properties-
Provide default settings that Web Builder uses to create projects.

Generating Web Builder projects-
Review the steps for building a project.

Customizing HTML 5 Web applications-
Learn how to import custom content for your Web application

Deploying Web applications-
Learn how to deploy a Web application into a production environment.

Using Verastream objects-
Learn how .NET class library or Java Bean interfaces can be used to create portals, Web applications, and other business solutions. Review the files you need to use to integrate a Verastream component interface into your Web applications.