New Web Builder Project

Web Builder generates Web applications or objects from a host application model based on the project type you choose.

To create a new Web Builder project:

The host application model that you will associate with the new project must be deployed before you can create an application.

  1. From the Project menu, click New.
  2. In the left pane, click either the Application, Object, or Legacy tab, to select the type of project you want to build.
  3. Specify the Host Integrator model that Web Builder will use to generate the project. You can also select an active session pool; if present, the text (Session Pool)is visible after the name.
  4. A project name is created automatically. You can edit this setting.
  5. To set properties specific to this project, click Properties. This opens the Project Properties dialog box. Adjust the settings as needed.
  6. Click Build.

Project files are saved in the <Documents>\Micro Focus\Verastream\HostIntegrator\project folder.

You can generate one of these project types:

HTML 5 Web Applications

An HTML 5 Web application is generated from the deployed model and can be consumed by anyone with a browser. If the model contains procedures, these can be incorporated in the Web application. When you generate a Web application in Web Builder, based on information from the model, all procedures, by default, are displayed along with all modeled entities (with their attributes) as a Web form. If no entities are defined, Web Builder can provide terminal access to the host screens. You can customize your project, excluding particular procedures, entities, and their attributes. You can also decide to display modeled entities as terminal screens. The HTML 5 Web application is complete and ready-to-use with styling and layout that is optimized not only for the desktop, but also for mobile devices.

You can access 3270 or 5250 terminal sessions without opening the Verastream Design Tool. Click 3270 (5250) Terminal Session from the Windows Start menu. Terminal functionality includes support for Hotspots and Aid keys.

Java Options

.NET Options


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