Working with Host Integrator Session Servers

The Host Integrator Session Server provides seamless integration of host application data and business logic into client/server and Web applications. The session server supports multi-tier client/server and Web application architecture and is designed to provide concurrent access by thousands of Web application users to host information systems and applications. Using the Host Integrator Session Server, a single Web or client/server application can concurrently access data on a variety of host systems, such as:

The Host Integrator Session Server works in conjunction with the Host Integrator Design Tool and the Host Integrator Software Connectors to integrate host application data and business logic into client/server and Web applications.

Using the Design Tool, a developer builds a model of a host application, accessing fields that contain information needed by the client application. The model is then loaded into Host Integrator Session Server. The model contains all the information about the host application, including its traversal logic, application screen signatures, and data attributes, and can be accessed from a variety of software development environments using an Application Programming Interface (API) included in the Host Integrator Development Kit. When the Host Integrator Session Server receives a request from a client application, it instantiates a host session using the logic stored in the model specified in the request. Host Integrator Session Server navigates through the host application, fetches the requested data, and returns it to the client application.

For more information about creating and working with models and working with Host Integrator connectors, see the Design Tool online help, which is included in the Host Integrator Development Kit.

Managing the Session Server

The Administrative Console provides a central hub where you can manage and monitor your session servers. You can add, remove, and configure directories, load distribution domains, security, and logging for session servers.

To have complete administrative control over the session server you must be logged in with an administrator profile.

To start managing your session servers, from the Host Integrator perspective, choose Session Servers, and open the Session Server Explorer. From here you can view and configure logging, notification, and various session server properties. Additionally, you can view and configure models that are deployed to the session server, model variable lists associated with the session server, and session pools.


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