Adding a Session Server

In the Administrative Console you add session servers that you want to manage. When you install the session server it is either registered with an existing management server or with the management server that is also being installed. You can only register a session server with one management cluster at a time.

To add a session server

  1. From the Session Server Explorer Servers node, click to add a session server.

    The Add Session Server dialog box displays.

  2. Type the name of the session server you want to manage, and then click OK.

    The server displays in the Session Server Explorer tree. You can now configure the properties associated with the server.

Adding additional session servers

To add a session server post-install you must supply the address of the session server, either the machine name or IP address. A session server that can be contacted and is not already a part of another management cluster is added and the name will default to the address you supplied.

If the session server can be contacted, but is already part of a management cluster, an error message displays since a session server can only be a part of one management cluster.

If the session server cannot be contacted you can add it anyway. If you do so, it will not be added to a cluster until the server is online. When the server comes online and is part of another management cluster, error messages will display in the log, and the server will be offline to the second management server.

Load balancing and failover

In order to configure session servers in a Host Integrator load distribution domain:

See Adding, Removing and Configuring Load Distribution Domains for instructions on setting up load distribution.


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