General Server Properties

These properties are specific to the selected session server.


Set event handler options:

Model Debug

When developing models in the Design Tool, model debug message recording is always on. When deploying models to the server, you can specify the model debug messages recording level as a deployment descriptor, or you can change Model Debug Message Recording in the Administrative Console's properties page. By default, the model debug messages recording level for a deployed model is to record nothing. When debugging, the recommended setting is to record errors only.

The settings below handle the size and location of the runtime model debug message recording files.


Enable Security Select this option to have all communication between the session server and the management server handled by means of SSL. When security is enabled for a session server, an administrative login, while always required for the Administrative Console, will also be required for deploying models, generating Web applications, and executing connectors. See Working Securely for information on security options.


Set session options.


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