Removing a Session Server from a Cluster

A session server can only be registered with one management server cluster. If you want to register a session server with a different management server cluster, you must first remove it from the existing cluster.

If you uninstall a session server while it is registered with a management cluster that is not uninstalled, you must remove the session server from the management server cluster before reinstalling the session server on the same machine. If this is not done, the management cluster thinks the session server is registered, but may not be able to communicate with it. If this occurs just remove the session server and re-add it.

Removing a session server from a management cluster does not affect its configuration.

To remove a session server from a management server cluster

If the session server is... Then this...
Online Select the session server you want to remove, right-click and choose Remove.
  • Depending on your operating system, run either the HostIntegrator/bin/resetsessionserver.bat or script before you add the session server to a different management cluster.
  • You can run the script while the session server is online, but the session server must be restarted for the script actions to take effect.
  • If you run the resetsessionserver.bat script on a system with UAC enabled, then you must run the script with administrator privileges.


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