Using Session Pool Properties

To view and modify session pool properties, select the pool you want to work with, and click toolbar icon on the Session Server Explorer toolbar.

There are five groups of session server properties:


You can modify the options set when you created the session pool.


You can modify the model and host information for a session pool.

Model Variable Lists

Model variable list property page contains a table of all lists available to the pool and a table containing those lists that cannot be used by the pool for stated reasons. To add a model variable list, in the Session Server Explorer, right-click on Model Variable Lists, and select Add Model Variable List.

Model Variables

The Model variables property page contains a list of the variables defined in the model associated with the session pool. From this page, you can also add, edit, or remove fixed value model variables for the pool. See Working with Model Variables for more information about these options.


The pool schedule table contains the information supplied when scheduling pool start and stop activities.

To set up a schedule for the pool, click Add. The Add Schedule dialog box displays. See Scheduling Session Pools for information on how to create a pool schedule.

Web Services

The Web services property page contains settings to configure the Web service for the associated session pool. This is where you can override the session server properties set for the Web service and view the WSDL file. If you choose to override the session server values for a particular session pool, those settings are displayed in boldface. To see the configured session server Web service properties, click Open Session Server Properties.


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