Using the Session Monitor

You can use the session monitor within the Administrative Console to view and navigate between real-time screens of host session that are running on a given session server.

Viewing Sessions

After you connect to a session server, you can view active sessions on that server.

To view a session or session pool

  1. Connect to the session server that contains the session you want to view.
  2. In the Sessions view, select the session associated with the pool on the session server, right-click and choose View.

    A session view window opens, displaying the session you selected. The current state of the session is represented, including the cursor position. The session window displays a real time view of the state of the session. All entity navigations and attribute updates are visible.

Session states visible in session monitor

There are 5 session states that are represented within the session monitor. They are:

Troubleshooting using the session monitor

You can use the session monitor view to collect the session's screens. This makes finding errors easier, especially for sessions in which the host interaction is rapid. Any change to the host screen causes the Session Monitor to record the current screen as a record.


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