Using Session Server Properties

Each session server that you have added to the Session Server Explorer has a set of properties associated with it.

To view session server properties

  1. In the Session Server Explorer tree, choose the server whose properties you want to view, right-click and choose Properties. Alternatively, you can click the Properties icon on the toolbar.
  2. On the Properties dialog box, from the left pane, select the type of properties you want to view. Properties are separated into four categories; General, Logging, Notifications, Tracing, and Web Services.


Property categories
Available properties
General The server name is case-sensitive. Be aware of this when using this information elsewhere in Host Integrator.
  • Events
  • Model Debug
  • Security
  • Sessions
Logging Set system logging options, including deletion, storage location, and logging levels.
  • E-mail Settings
  • Messages
  • SNMP Settings
Tracing Set tracing options, including the trace engine settings, maximum trace file size, and available trace nodes.
Web Services Set options for the Web service configurations, including enabling HTTP or HTTPS connections and other WSDL elements. You can also decide whether to make Web services available for models and pools and link to the list of all available Web services.


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