Using Profiles

The Host Integrator provides three different security profiles.

This security profile Can do this....
User Users can load Host Integrator models, create and attach to sessions, and interact with the host system. Client application user IDs are typically assigned this profile. Members of the User profile cannot log on to the Administrative Console to view or configure Host Integrator servers and cannot deploy models.
Developer Developers can do everything users can do, as well as log on to the Administrative Console. Developers can see server configurations and status information, but cannot make configuration changes. Developers of client applications are typically assigned to this profile.
Administrator Administrators (those logging on with an Administrator profile) can create and attach to sessions, interact with the host system, and access the console. An administrator can view and configure servers, domains, and security.

In the Administrative Console, open the Management prospective, and then the Authorization Explorer to add members to the security profiles.

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