Using Fixed Value Model Variables

Values for fixed value model variables are associated with all sessions in the associated pool. To configure a model variable:


  1. In the Session Server Explorer, if necessary, create a session pool.

  2. Open the properties page for the pool. To open the properties page, right-click on the pool and choose Properties, or click on the toolbar.

  3. In the left pane of the Properties page, select Model Variables.

  4. Click Add to enter the name of the pool model variable you wish to create and the fixed value.

    The Variables Defined in Model table shows where the variables are used. You cannot interact with this table. By default, all models have the variables userID, cursorPosition, and password. The model you're working with may have additional variables; these were designated when the model was created in the Design Tool.

Note: The model variable value you provide here will be used for all sessions in the session pool. If you want to provide a unique value for each session, create a model variable list.
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