Stopping and Playing Back Host Emulator Recordings

Host Emulator recordings listen on their specified TCP ports for connection requests. You can have recordings playback automatically when the server starts by selecting that option in the Host Emulator Recording properties page. The status of the recording is listed in the Host Emulator Recordings view in the Status column.

You can only set recording properties when the recording is stopped. To change the status of a recording, right-click and choose either Stop or Playback, or alternatively click the appropriate Host Emulator Recording list toolbar buttons.

If a client application attempts to connect to a recording while it is not listening for connection requests, it will receive a "Connection refused" error message.

To playback an Host Emulator recording

Select the recording from the Host Emulator Recordings list and click playback on the toolbar. Verify the recording is in Playback mode by checking its status.

To stop an Host Emulator recording

Click Stop to stop the recording, which causes the recording to stop listening for connection requests. All pending connections should be closed first.

Do not have more than one recording listening on the same TCP port at the same time for connection requests. If you have configured more than one recording to use the same TCP port, make sure only one of them is set to Playback at a time. The best way to ensure this is to not configure these recordings to start automatically.


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