Configuring Host Emulator Recording Properties

You can use the Host Emulator recording properties page to set and view options for your recordings within the Administrative Console.

To open the properties page, select a recording from the Host Emulator Recordings list, right-click, and choose Properties. The settings are specific to the model you selected.

You can only set model properties when the model is stopped. To change the status of a model, right-click and choose either Playback or Stop, or alternatively click the appropriate Host Emulator Recordings list toolbar buttons.

This option Does this...
Recording name The name of the selected recording.
Port The default TCP port. If you plan to have more than one recording running at the same time, they must use different TCP ports.
Terminal type Choose the terminal type that the recording is using; 3270, 5250, or VT.
Open recording when server starts Select this option to have the recording be available in Playback mode when the server starts.


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