Working with Host Emulator

The Host Emulator runs 3270, 5250, and VT recordings without having a live connection to a mainframe. Using Host Emulator is an easy way to test your client or Web application. Host Emulator simulates the host connection you used to create your recording in the Design Tool. Host Emulator does not actually connect to the host.

The recording contains all data communication between the Design Tool and the host, including screens, navigational commands, and errors messages. This allows your application to access the data as if it was coming from the actual host. You can then load this model into the Host Emulator, connect to it using the Design Tool, or another third-party client, and create the actual models you will deploy in your applications. The recordings you create in the Design Tool and play back in the Host Emulator are static; they contain only the screens and data captured by the recording files. Although you can play back a recording in the Host Emulator to test your client application's ability to navigate the host, you cannot test your client application's ability to update data on the host.

When you replay a recording in the Host Emulator, the Host Emulator can only display the entities the model contains. For example, if you have only one AcctProfile entity, you'll only be able to see the one set of data that entity contains. Because a recording contains multiple entities for different sets of data, it allows you to display multiple AcctProfile screens, each with different data.

Host Emulator recordings have these benefits:

After you create your recording in the Design Tool, copy the .trc_GROOMED file (located in My Documents\Micro Focus\Verastream\HostIntegrator\recordings to your Host Emulator configuration (Program Files\Micro Focus\Verastream\HostIntegrator\hostemulator\recordings so that the Design Tool can connect to it and allow you to create models from it. Recordings can also be copied to a UNIX VHI server's microfocus/verastream/hostintegrator/recordings directory and used by the Administrative Console to add the files to the Host Emulator Recordings.

Creating Recordings

Recordings represent the host application and should simulate that application as closely as possible. Follow these guidelines when creating a recording:


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