Adding Host Emulator Recordings

Before you can run a recording on the Host Emulator, you must add it to the Host Emulator's configuration. When you add a recording, you configure the Host Emulator to connect to the recording so you can run it.

Before you add a recording

Your recording is created and saved in the Design Tool.

  1. On the Connection menu, point to Host Emulator Recording, and select Start. You now can record screens and how to navigate between them as you create your model.
  2. Select the name and the location of the recording.
  3. Click Stop on the toolbar or select Stop from the Connection menu | Host Emulator Recording.

    If you attempt to create a new model or open an existing one, after agreeing to continue the action, the recording is also stopped.

After you create your recording in the Design Tool, to enable the Host Emulator to connect to the recording, copy the newly created .trc_GROOMED file (default location is My Documents\Micro Focus\Verastream\HostIntegrator\recordings to your Host Emulator configuration (Program Files\Micro Focus\Verastream\HostIntegrator\hostemulator\recordings. On a UNIX server, the default location is /opt/microfocus/verastream/hostintegrator/recordings. This makes the file visible in the Administrative Console and available to playback.

Adding a recording to the Host Emulator

  1. In the Administrative Console, open the Host Emulator Perspective, which is available from the Host Integrator drop down list.

  2. On the Host Emulator Servers panel make sure you have an Host Emulator Server listed. By default, there is an Host Emulator server associated with localhost available.

  3. With the desired Host Emulator Server selected, on the Host Emulator Recordings panel, click the Add a New Recording icon add recording in the top right corner.

  4. Provide the details needed in the Add New Recording dialog box for the recording you are adding, and then click OK to add the recording to the currently selected Host Emulator Recording list.


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