Host Integrator Port TCP Numbers

Host Integrator components use the following TCP port assignments.

Component Listens on destination port From and purpose
Management server 9641 (WCP) Client connector, connecting via load distribution domain
Session server for client authentication and authorization
Management server 33000-33001 (secure JMX) Administrative Console (JConsole API for configuration and monitoring)
Management server 7846 Clustered management servers (replication)
Management server 8095 Web Services Explorer, used for testing Web services deployed from Design Tool
Management server 1636 (LDAPS) Administrative Console (authorization profile configuration, aggregates user data from all configured directory servers)
Management server 48620 and higher (WCP) From client connector to domain server (one port used per load distribution domain)
Management server 32000 Wrapper service for JVM
Session server 9623 (WCP) Client connector (requesting session)
Deployment tools (activatemodel, deactivatemodel, Design Tool)
Management server (configuration, monitoring, domain server requesting session)
Session server Ephemeral (WCP) From client connector, to requested initialized session
Session server 9680 (HTTP/SOAP) Web services clients
Session server 9681 (HTTPS/SOAP) Web services clients (SSL)
Session server 35000-35001 JMX (secure) Web services management
Session server 9653 (WCP) Java script manager for model event handler scripting
Session server 9662 (WCP) .NET script manager for model event handler scripting
Session server 5005 Event handler debug (Java)
Logging service 9640 Session server (adding messages)
Management server (querying messages)
Log Export utility (querying messages)
Host Emulator 9670-9671, 1096-1099 Default master models, for demo connections from Session server
Host Emulator 36000-36001 (secure JMX) Management server (for configuration and management)
Design Tool 5006, or next available Event handler Java debug port
Design Tool 9654 through 9661 Script manager for Java event handlers (one port per Design Tool instance)
Design Tool 9663 through 9669 Script manager for .NET event handlers (one port per Design Tool instance)
VHI Web Server 8081 (See also Technical Note 10039 regarding conflicts on this port)

8443 (SSL)

Java Web application projects generated in Web Builder
Hosts 23 (Telnet, default) or 992 (Telnet SSL, default) or 1570 (HP NS/VT, default) Session server
Network monitoring system (optional) 161 UDP (SNMP) Logging, notifications
E-mail server (optional) 25 (SMTP, default) Logging, notifications
Directory server (optional) 636 (LDAPS, default), 389 (LDAP, default) Management server (authentication requests for Administrative Console, deployment tools, and client connector)


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