Changing Host Integrator Port TCP Numbers

If you need to reassign the port numbers used by Host Integrator components, do the following:

  1. Stop all Host Integrator services.
  2. Create a file called and place it in the vhi/etc directory.
  3. Add vhibaseport=n to the file, where "n" is a valid TCP port number.
  4. Restart all Host Integrator services.

After you reassign the VHI base port, the Host Integrator components are assigned these TCP ports:

TCP Port Assignment
vhibaseport n
Session server n-> n+16
Logging utility n+17
Management server n+18
Script manager n+30

Existing Host Integrator TCP Port Numbers

See Technical Note 10105 for more information.

Configuring Port Numbers

You can change port numbers if needed.

Changing the Event Handler Java Debug Port

By default, the Design Tool or the Session server starts searching at port 5005 for an available remote debugging port. You can change the starting point for locating an available port. You must restart the server for the change to take effect.

To change the Java debug port for event handling in the Design Tool, use the Event Handler Settings Debugging tab.

To change the Java debug port for event handling for a server, in the Session Server Explorer of the Administrative Console, open the session server properties, and choose Events.


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