Managing Host Integrator

The Verastream Host Integrator management server and Administrative Console provides directory services, authorization, and server management and monitoring for Host Integrator deployments. The Administrative Console tracks servers and domains in your installation and the management server provides authorization, authentication, and directory services.

By installing more than one management server you can establish replication and failover support.

How do things fit together?

Host Integrator components

This component
Does this...
Session server Use the VHI session server to access data on a variety of host systems, including IBM mainframes and AS/400s, VAX/Open VMS and other ASCII hosts using the VT-420 terminal protocol (including VT-52 and VT-100), and HP 3000 hosts.
Web server The Web server runs Java or HTML5 Web application projects deployed from within Web Builder, as well as the Zero-footprint terminal session Web applications. The Web server is installed by default when you install the Developer Kit. However when you install the Windows Server Kit, the Web server is not installed by default; you must explicitly select it in a custom install.
Administrative Console Use to remotely view and configure server information. The console contains both the Host Emulator and logging functions.
Management server Use to provide security and directory services, and track servers and domains for Host Integrator installations.
Host Emulator Use to test an application without a host connection. This tool is accessed through the Administrative Console.
Logging Use to perform detailed queries against the Host Integrator. Logging is accessed through the Admininstrative Console.


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